A video made by artist Mikki Nylund for the new single "Lights in the Sky." From the new album "Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol.1: The Brooklyn Years." AKA Observations, Hallucinations and Realizations."  release date June 18,2016  
New Album "Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol.1: The Brooklyn Years." AKA "Observations Hallucinations and Realizations." coming June 18th 2016, cover art by Brooklyn Artist Ted Stanke.

New Album "Solo Acoustic Guitar Vol.1: The Brooklyn Years." AKA "Observations Hallucinations and Realizations." coming June 18th 2016, cover art by Brooklyn Artist Ted Stanke.



A new track "Realizations" from the upcoming album "Observations, Hallucinations and Realizations" aka Solo Guitar vol:1 The Brooklyn Years'" is up on Soundcloud Take a listen if you like, This is one of the final tracks on the album and has a little bit of a build up, I hope you enjoy!     https://soundcloud.com/james-sera/07-realizations

Big News coming very soon about the new solo acoustic guitar instrumental album recorded at Vinegar Hill Studios in Brooklyn, New York, The music is a culmination of the past 2 years of playing Live throughout the Brooklyn and New York City, music and Art scene.

Post work is 90% completed for the upcoming Post Rock instrumental band "Sonic Bliss." Featuring James Sera on guitar, Paul Heiman on drums, Helena Espvall on cello and Dave Smith on Bass. The final mix was done by Efrim Menuck (Godspeed You Black emperor!) and mastered by Harris Newman. Artwork is being done by Brooklyn artist Jason Tudor who will also be doing some animation video inspired from the music. Stay Tuned!!

James Sera has been nominated for "Best new artist,"  by The Zone Music Awards, the award show will be held on May 17th in New Orleans at the Joy Theater. A special thanks to nearly the 200 radio stations worldwide that played various  cuts from "Reality of the Fantasy" and for making the CD go to number 4 on the Zone Music World charts in the month of October. I appreciate the support.

Recording has been completed for James 2 new projects, The first is an all electric post rock EP with drum maestro Paul Heiman and the second is an acoustic Blues/Americana album. Both were recorded with Matt Pakucko known for his work on the "Evil Empire"  album by Rage against the machine .Matt has worked with such artists as Def Leppard, Goo Goo Dolls, Dinosaur Jr. and Frank Black and many more. Both projects will be available and fully completed in the next few months.


"Reality of the Fantasy reviewed in Musicreviews.com July28th 2013.

Unreleased James sera song included on radio show "Sideways Through Sound" sampler/annual drive CD. 

James sera's unreleased "Don't Mean A Thing" was included on the 107.3 2SER (Sydney, AUS)  radio show "Sideways Through Sound" annual sampler membership drive CD. The bluesey fingerstyle John  Fahey inspired piece was a song he had recorded a couple of years before writing & recording his debut CD "Reality of the Fantasy."  Grammy award winning Artist/Producer/Founder of Windham Hill records, Will Ackerman  said of the song "It has a nice innocence…  it sounds like a traditional which is what Fahey did so well… to invoke another time and place.   This piece is successful in the same way." 

James only statement was  "I'm really honored, happy and excited to be included on the disc, It means a lot to me."   Many thanks to Thee Sonic Assassin for the support. 

Plans for the new as of yet untitled album, to start recording in the next few weeks .

Plans for the new recordings by James will start sometime in the next few weeks. "I think the new music is a growth of what was accomplished on "Reality of the Fantasy, it does have a very different overall feeling and vibe, but no doubt it's still me."  Some of the new songs will feature slide guitar, fast uptempo boogie fngerstyle, as well as some ambient/psychedelic delay/reverb pieces.  

"I'm just gonna go into the studio and record as much as I can, I have so much new material, Some of the new music has a very traditional, Blues, American Primitive Based sound.

There is also a bunch of songs that have a real modern ,post, progressive, sound that ranges from blissful to  dark. I don't know how or if they can co-exist together as one, I'm just going to record as much as I can. I think the one big difference between these upcoming recordings and the Reality CD last year, is that I've learned so much this past year from performing on stage, whether  playing at various functions or busking on the streets for multi hours. Everything that I have  experienced from self releasing my last album. All the Joys and the pain that was involved has really inspired me not only as a composer, an improviser, a guitar player, but more importantly spiritually, I feel like a different person, wiser and way more experienced."

Live every saturday Brunch in Bushwick at Goodbye Blue Monday.

You can now see James perform every saturday in Bushwick Brooklyn NY at Goodbye Blue Monday (1087 Broadway).
Shows start roughly around 2:30 and is part of the Goodbye Blue Monday Brunch and will be webcasted worldwide on goodbye-blue-monday.com
Performances will consist of all original and improvised pieces that will make each and every performance unique. 

Special Video performance posted onYou Tube 5/14/12.

Video posted from a very special performance from May 12th with Dancer/Choregrapher/artist Alexandra Sahsa Pinel. Alexandra performed a special body paint dance and James improvised on some newer material he's currently working on. Hope you Enjoy!


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Great article and interview now posted on mwe3.com 1/17/12. 
Special Thanks to Robert Silverstein for a really great review of the album and a great interview, which is currently up on mwe3.com (Music Web Express 3000). 
Here is the link: http://www.mwe3.com/
The interview and review will also be in the articles and review section 1/18/12

Link to WCAP Lowell Mass. Radio interview  10/27/11

It's true, James was on 980 WCAP Lowell Mass. I had a great time. I hope you enjoy. Thanks Mike and Jack.


Link to Reality of the Fantasy feature episode on Sideways Through Sound, September 7th 2011"

Here it is the complete episode of Sideways Through Sound with Reality of the fantasy as featured album of the week to download. Originally scheduled to air on Sept 14th, 2011, the  show was aired on Sept 7th 2011. Needless to say James Sera is ecstatic, "I've been listening to Sideways Through Sound for a good couple of years and I can honestly say they play some of my favorite artists around and to be the feature, I am so honored, grateful and it feels really good emotionally, spiritually." Sera says about the episode "It was great to hear Thee Sonic Assassin talk about the album and the songs. I also love the fact that they played the Page/Plant No Quarter version of  "The Battle of Evermore" and then later played  Zep's "In the Evening" to close out the set that was started out with my song "In the Evening,"  as usual it was a great mix of really great music, from some really great artists."  We hope you enjoy all 90 minutes of this great radio show.     http://www.sendspace.com/file/lw58nl

 Reality of the Fantasy now available on Bandcamp.  

First look at Art Work  For Reality of the Fantasy  

 We are proud to announce the cover artwork for the debut album by James Sera. The artwork has been an evolving project by artist Teri Proschuk . "To have art that captures the essence of the music was really important to me," Sera says. "I think it gives the listener a glimpse of what the story of the album is all about."

Sera believes the painting much like the music should be a personal interpretation. The painting portrays Sera sitting all alone, by himself on a deserted island under the moonlight. Playing his guitar to the vast openness of the infinite ocean in stormy weather. The powerful use of the color blue,  which in the english language is the symbol of sadness while the storm can be interpreted as the inner struggles when facing the obstacles that life has given us. In Greek mythology Zeus made it rain when he was sad (crying), and a storm when he was angry. There is also the question is Sera causing the force with his guitar to his surroundings or is the force from the storm and his surroundings closing in on him?  While this painting is based upon fantasy,  there is always an underlying Reality of the Fantasy.  

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